Epilepsy Treatment in Detroit, MI

At Pediatric Neurosurgery Group in Detroit, MI, our team of experienced neurosurgeons specializes in epilepsy treatment, offering personalized care and surgical solutions to your child’s unique needs.

We understand that every child’s epilepsy is different, which is why we take a collaborative approach, involving families and their neurologists in every step of the surgical planning process.

At Pediatric Neurosurgery Group, we’re committed to providing compassionate care and innovative treatments to help children with epilepsy live fuller, healthier lives. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help your child find relief from seizures.

What to expect from surgery:

If your family and our team of epilepsy specialist feel that surgery is an option here is what you can expect at the time of surgery.   Families will be given a date and time during their clinic appointment.  It is standard that children do not have anything to eat past midnight on the day of surgery.  We understand this is difficult for our very young patients and take special care to schedule those surgeries as early in the day as possible.  It is important you bathe your child and wash their hair either the night before or the morning of surgery to help prevent post operative infections.

In some instances we need more precise information to identify a child’s seizure focus.  If this is the case the surgery will occur in two parts.  The first surgery entails placing depth electrodes within the brain or EEG leads directly on the surface of the brain, rather than on the skull as you may be familiar with.  This allows for extremely accurate information to be obtained about your child’s seizures.  This surgery generally takes 2-4 hours to complete.  Children come out of the OR with a bandage on their head and you will notice wires coming out from the bandage.  Then they are hooked up to an EEG machine where very precise information about your child’s seizures can be acquired.  

Once the seizure focus has been very accurately identified a second surgery will take place to remove it.  Our epilepsy team will discuss the surgical plan with all caregivers as well as your child prior to the procedure.  Each case is unique so duration of surgery and risks will be discussed at that time.  Following the second surgery children usually remain in the hospital for an additional 4-6 days.