Incisional Care in Detroit, MI

Nearly every surgery will have a thin layer of clear dissolvable stitches or sutures.  These are intended to get wet and can be washed with warm soapy water the day after surgery, unless instructed otherwise.  

If sutures are not present, you may notice small bandages or steri-strips covering the incision.  These too are intended to get wet and can be washed with warm and soapy water the day after surgery.  These will often fall off in 7-10 days and no further covering is required.  

To care for the incision wash daily with a mild soap and dry gently.  These clear sutures will dissolve on there own in approximately 10 days.  Patients should avoid submerging the incision completely underwater for 14 days following surgery, so this means taking modified baths and no swimming in pools or lakes.

Caregivers and patients should monitor for any redness or swelling that occurs in the days or weeks following surgery.  Rarely a superficial wound infection could occur and is easily treatable if detected early.  Please notify the Neurosurgery department at (313)833-4490 of any redness, swelling, or drainage and one of Advance Practice Providers will provide you immediate guidance, and a same day appointment if necessary.