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We are one of the most prominent pediatric neurosurgical groups in the country and the largest in Michigan. Our experienced Pediatric Neurosurgeons provide neurotrauma coverage at various hospitals in the Greater Detroit area, including Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Beaumont Children’s Hospital , and St. John’s Hospital and Medical Center. 

Our Philosophy

Our fundamental philosophy and goal is to provide excellent neurosurgical care to our patients as well as provide a positive experience with our practice. Our highly trained and dedicated clinical staff consisting of our neurosurgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and experienced and competent support staff strive to provide exceptional customer service with open, direct and supportive interaction with the parents and families of our patients.

Why Choose Pediatric Neurosurgery Group

At Pediatric Neurosurgery Group, we understand the anxieties and questions associated with having a child who has been diagnosed with neurosurgical disorders. By using a team approach with our clinicians along with the resources available to us, we can assist in the care and management of your child throughout the duration of their illness.

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Doctor comforting child before surgery.

How To Prepare Your Child For Surgery At Each Age

No matter the type of surgery your child is having, as a parent you are going to be anxious. In preparing them for surgery, it is important to prepare yourself too so you can convey a sense of calm and reassurance. Once you do that (or fake it) here is how to prepare your child

Damian’s Neurosurgery Story

When Damian was suffering from multiple seizures a day, his family turned to Children’s Hospital of Michigan, the top pediatric center in the state for neurology and neurosurgery, as rated by U.S. News & World Report. Now, thanks to a minimally invasive procedure, Damian spends most days’ seizure free.

Brandon’s Neurosurgery Story

17-year-old Brandon was a State Champion Cyclist and his world turned upside down the day he was racing and collided with an adult cyclist during a match sprint. He was rushed to Children’s Hospital of Michigan emergency room and treated for injuries. But what medical experts discovered at that time, unrelated to Brandon’s accident, is