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We are one of the most prominent pediatric neurosurgical groups in the country and the largest in Michigan. Our experienced Pediatric Neurosurgeons provide neurotrauma coverage at various hospitals in the Greater Detroit area, including Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Beaumont Children’s Hospital , and St. John’s Hospital and Medical Center. 

Our Philosophy

Our fundamental philosophy and goal is to provide excellent neurosurgical care to our patients as well as provide a positive experience with our practice. Our highly trained and dedicated clinical staff consisting of our neurosurgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and experienced and competent support staff strive to provide exceptional customer service with open, direct and supportive interaction with the parents and families of our patients.

Why Choose Pediatric Neurosurgery Group

At Pediatric Neurosurgery Group, we understand the anxieties and questions associated with having a child who has been diagnosed with neurosurgical disorders. By using a team approach with our clinicians along with the resources available to us, we can assist in the care and management of your child throughout the duration of their illness.

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What is Craniosynostosis?

Craniosynostosis is a birth defect where parts of the baby’s skull close up too soon before the brain has developed completely. It is estimated that 1 in approximately 2,500 babies are born with this defect. For those who are new parents, what are the first signs of craniosynostosis?

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Moyamoya Disease in Children: What to Know

Moyamoya disease is a rare condition, occurring in approximately one out of every one million individuals in the United States. This disorder predominantly impacts children. Moyamoya is a rare progressive condition in which the blood vessels, known as carotid arteries in the neck that bring blood to the brain, become narrowed or constricted. This can

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Types of Brain Tumors in Children

There may not be a more frightening phrase for parents than brain tumor. Nevertheless, we need to discuss and understand brain tumors since over 5,000 tumors are diagnosed in children and adolescents every year. Keep in mind a tumor does not necessarily mean cancer, but the effects of a tumor can be devastating. Keep reading